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Originally Posted by ReinholdMessner View Post
Could you please clarify this? Is there a reason you specifically asked for TLs when BGS asks for semi-rigids?
Some people interchange the words top loaders and semi's since they both load from the top. BGS does prefer semi's over TL's. It states it clearly on the submission form.

"3. All submissions must be addressed to Beckett Grading Services. Improperly addressed shipments are not subject to turnaround time guarantees. Cards should be sent in oversized (3.25" X 5") semi-rigid holders (such as a Card Saver I). Penny sleeves may also be used in conjunction with the oversized semi-rigid holders. BGS will not be responsible for any damages incurred by the use of other holders."

Also, barberromo2008 please update my list as there was an error the Taylor hall was suppose to be Ryan Nugent hopkins. And I requested a min grade of 9 or slab as authentic. Thanks
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