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Originally Posted by ediii33 View Post
Just got back from the race. We decided to listen to Danica on our scanners Saturday. Her crew chief has to tell her everything! Unlike the rest of the drivers she is constantly being told where every car is around her. Im going to say she has a long way to go. She even asked how many laps they were racing. Her exact words were "How many laps is this race today." Her crew chief sounded worried about her all day. There were several other things that went on that leds us to believe she may never win a race.
Is this a joke?

You do realize that she has raced about 30 races tops in stock cars? A lot of these drivers raced 30 in a season when they were 12. Honestly. She is great at 1.5 mile tracks which make up a lot of the schedule. Also, a lot of drivers ask how many laps are in a race, and need to be reminded how many to go. She is still learning to drive these cars, no one else is. Tony Stewart was horrible when he started.. look at him now. Hornish needed time, now he is finally getting it, it takes time.
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