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Thanks Chad I know my husband will be happy with what you pulled for him!!! You have pulled a lot of good cards for him and he has had the Hit of the Month a few times!!!

Tim Tebow Jsy/Auto- /25 HOTM
Josh Freeman Auto- /75 HOTM
Mark Sanchez Patch(part of the Jets logo)/Auto- /499
Joe Namath Jsy/Auto- /10 HOTM

Mike Williams Auto- /100 Top 3
Stevan Ridley Jsy/Auto- Top 3
Andy Dalton Patch/Auto Top 3

If you can get into Chads breaks its a good idea!!! Chad is a Top Notch host and person!!!
Thanks Chad from,
Tammy and Brandon
My Main PC: Von Miller, Brock Osweiler, and Other Current and former Bronco's
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