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Default Steve Smith PC

Just wanted to show some of my Steve Smith PC. I like to pick up some stuff here and there of him. Mainly into the Rams but have always liked Smith.

Check out below or here;20Panthers/

Steve Smith Supreme Auto 17/46

Certified Gold 7/25

Prime Signatures 167/209

Plates and Patches City Limits 3/5

Plates and Patches 1/1

Limited Monikers 1/1

NFL Nation 4/15

Hogg Heaven Pig Pens 91/150

Topps Paradigm 37/93

Elite Die Cut 4/15

Great American Heroes 4/10

Rookie and Stars 11/25

Prestige 5/25

Tools of the Trade 48/50

Tools of the Trade 66/100

Finest Moments

Finest Moments Refractor

Finest Moments Pulsar 2/10

Calling All Captains 10/10

Classic Significant Signatures

GridIron Helmet Auto 19/32

Tools of the Trade 10/10

Steve Smith Topps On Card Auto

Ultimate Signatures On Card 69/75

Contenders Super Ticket SP to 10

Tools of the Trade 3/5

Tools of the Trade 4/5

Tools of the Trade 6/10

Elite Status 4/10

Elite Status 1/1

Xtra Points 17/25

Epix Auto 1/5

2005 Certified 59/100

American Heroes Auto 67/100

Gridiron Game Patch Auto 5/15

Absolute Auto 253/300

Limited Threads Auto 22/75

Playoff Honors 81/300

NT'10 Jersey Auto 5/10

NT'11 Auto 3/10

NT'11 Jersey Auto 2/10

NT'11 Reebok Auto 1/1

Some Logo Patches

Panther Face

Panthers Head


Panther Head

Panther Face

Pro Bowl

Some Multi Color Patches

National Treasure

National Treasure


R&S American Heroes



Gridiron Gear

National Treasures

Dress Code

GridIron Gear

Limited Team Trademarks

Calling All Captains

GridIron Kings

Pro Bowl Tools of the Trade

SPx Winning Materials

Fabric of the Game

Rookie and Stars

Elite Chain Reaction

Exquisite Quad (one of my favorites)

Limited Banner Season

Gridiron Plates and Patches Dual

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Triple Threads

Fabric of the Game

Absolute Memorabilia

Triple Threads

Inserts and Rare Jersey Cards

SPx Insert 1/1

Prime Signatures Prime Proof 1/1

Rookie Hula Bowl College Jersey

Topps Stadium Club Rookie Pro Bowl Jersey 203/1499

Gamebreakers Super Bowl Pylon
Utah Jazz,St. Louis RamsCalifornia Angels

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