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Default Nate Diaz rare cards

i'm looking for rare Nate Diaz cards to add to my collection.
i currently have rd1 base 1/1, vd 1/1, finest 1/1, s4 1/1, MOT Elite skills 1/1

i am looking for:
Round 2: base 1/1 and ruby
Main Event: base 1/1 and ruby, TUF 1/1
Series 4: auto 1/1
Knockout 2010: base 1/1 and ruby,gear auto 1/1,auto 1/1,triple thread book 1/1
Title Shot: 1/1 and ruby
Moment of Truth: base 1/1
Knockout 2012: 1/1 auto

also looking for any plates and proofs

message me if you have any of these
if you know someone who has these, i pay 15% finders fee if a deal gets done. finders fee is paid once card is received.
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