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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
It's a very creative idea, but the issue there is personal contact info. Since COMC is one of the few sites that doesn't make you affirm that you are over 18, we're not allowed to have any personal info in the ads (including real name, email, facebook information, etc.). It does restrict original ideas like yours, which we regret, but we've decided that making our site available to young people is worth it.

Hi, nuccionino. We've experimented with a lot of different shipping rates since we began five years ago. The price point we're at now is one we've found to be sustainable and hopefully not to terrible for the service we offer. Since we don't own the merch ourselves, we can't really mark it up in price to counterbalance an artificially discounted shipping rate. It costs us about $0.20 a card to ship any item out, so that's what we charge.

Fair enough, however if I purchase say 500 cards, it cost $100 to ship? You can use a flat rate box for $15 and ship that way. I will say what keeps me from purchasing big lots from COMC is the shipping charge. The site itself is awesome, and I do make small purchases, I just think there should be a cap on shipping charges. Thanks for answering our questions.
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