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FWIW, Dustin Byfuglien used to live in my neighborhood and he was sometimes out with Kane at a few neighborhood bars. This might contain a lot of hearsay, but it jives with what I saw the few times I saw Kane out. (Buff was always cool. Miss that guy.)

Originally Posted by gonzo126
It's a kid being a kid. Big deal.

Look at one of our most beloved athletes of all-time, Babe Ruth. A smoking, drinking, womanizing, overweight player loved by all.

All that matters is what they do on the ice or at the ballpark. As far as their personal life goes, that's their business. Only crime he committed is being 3 sheets to the wind. Last I looked, it's not a crime.
Absolutely, Kane can do whatever he wants but this isn't 1920 and Babe Ruth would probably pass out if he had to skate a single shift in today's NHL.

Kane probably hasn't committed a crime here but he did have that run-in in Buffalo. Regardless, one doesn't have to commit a crime to be a world class douche.

The sad thing is that most of the girls at that fraternity party could probably knock Kane off the puck. If I'm the Hawks I'd probably prefer that he's a bit more focused in the off-season. But whatever, it's his career.
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