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Back in August of last year, I got back into the hobby. At this time my wife was looking at me like I was crazy collecting football cards, and thinking I was trying to relive my childhood times. But as I continued to visit my LCS, buying and opening boxes of cards, she slowly came around. By the end of the NFL season, my wife was completely into opening packs with me, and at times talking me into going back to the LCS and buying more boxes.

My little daughter watched as me and my wife ripped open pack after pack of the numerous boxes we bought, and she became completely fascinated in what we were doing. What 2 year old wouldn't be? Once the release of SP Authentic came out, my daughter wanted to open her own packs, and threw the usual 2 year old tantrum when she did not get her way. After me and my wife would open a couple of packs, we would place the common base into an open pack, and then our daughter would open the pack and be completely excited with the cards she had pulled.

My daughter has a collection of misfit (slightly damaged, dinged, etc) cards that me and my wife have pulled, and she cherishes this box of cards. She even tries to sleeve and top load cards, since she sees me do it all the time. I know my 2 year old daughter has a better collection of cards then a lot of 8 year old boys, and again I say daughter. LoL.

Attached is a pic of her, but unfortunately I won't be able to get a pic of her opening her "own" pack until mid June since her and my wife are vacationing in Germany. Thanks for the long read. And good luck to everyone in the contest.

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