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neat idea!

I have 5 kids and they all collect.

Michael is 5 HUGE Josh Hamilton fan - OH YEAH! little man LOVES to yell GOOOOT HEEEEEEEMAH!

Maddison is 9 and she likes Nelson cruz.

Payton is 10. dude LOVES prince fielder...and it seams anyone that is connected to Prince fielder. He collects Verlander, Braun(shares a birthday), Cabrerra (all because of the fielder connection) and of course he toploads all of his fielder cards. I recently bought a prince fielder jersey card from 2012 topps and planted it into a retail pack so he could get a thrill. he flipped out LOL!

Tyler is 12. He will open a pack here and there, but he is autistic so he is not always interested. he does LOVE Yu Darvish though.

Alyssa is 14 (does not qualify, I know) but she is the biggest baseball fan of all of the kids. she is getting old enough to buy her own boxes and bust them with dad. brings a tear to my eye

here is a picture of our crew from my brother's wedding last year
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