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Default Topps Olympic Blaster Break

So I kept hearing really good things bout these.. so i broke down and bought one..

Bronze: 1:1 Packs
Conor Dwyer
Phil Dalhausser
Juan Agudelo
Shawn Johnson
Ricky Berens
Walter Dix
Brady Ellison
Alex Morgan

SIlver: 1:2 Packs
Chris Colwill
Carrie Johnson
Jason Lezak
Diana Lopez

Gold: 1:3 Packs
Troy Dumais
Carmelita Jeter

Olympiad: 1:4 Packs
Anna Tunnicliffe
Matt Emmons

2012 Venue 1:12 Packs
Hampton Court Place

Olympic Heritage: 1:8 Packs
1984 Los Angeles, USA

Commemorative USOC PIN: 1:147 Packs
Arielle Martin Verhaaren

Thinks I may of beaten the odds.. Overall Opinion: I like this set. I may have to grab a hobby box. nice cards reminds me kinda of Topps Gallery. It's something different. Cheap and fun.. For all you that are busting.. Have fun and good luck.
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