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Originally Posted by mma138 View Post
so when will we see the sell sheet for this ? or will it be called donruss basketball ?

we keep seeing sheets for upper deck and topps ? i thought they couldnt make basketball cards anymore ?

The licensing year for the NBA changes sometime later this summer (late August or early September I think). Until then, its still under the 2008-09 agreement where Topps and Upper Deck can release products and Panini can't. Once the that date is passed, then Upper Deck and Topps can no longer produce the cards. I think Topps and Upper Deck would have to get NBA players association license to even make cards of current players without team logos on them (like ITG for hockey). Since I haven't heard of that happening, and the NBA really has no marketable minor leagues (like the unlicensed baseball stuff) I would imagine Topps and Upper Deck aren't making any plans for any fall/winter releases. Although I'm sure Upper Deck will still sell the hell out of LeBron, Jordan, and Kobe memorabilia.
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