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Originally Posted by newnec1 View Post
I just got in to the walking dead cards like 2 weeks ago. Just have a little question.

So the next sets coming out is this
-In the summer is a comic version
-Then in the fall is season 2

Cujobyte: I understand you have a shop so what vender did you order through please. Also what was the price and size of the case please.
The "comic cards" are due out this fall.

In all honesty, I'm not sure I'm getting these for my personal collection. I already collect the comic books, and the season one cards. Unless they add something to this set, I'm not buying.

I'm sure blowout will be selling cases of this. You can pm me for more info.

I'm shocked this is due in the Fall though. I think it'll be pushed back to Nov/Dec, hopefully not though.

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