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I have 2 daughters

Jaziel age 3- Loves me to send her cards. I literally send her cards via usps to the house addressed to her. Everytime I go to the mailbox and get our mail she runs up to me and asks if there is a package for her. Most of the time there is from me lol me sending her a couple base cards. Everytime I order from Blowout cards its a must that I have to buy her her own packs. She enjoys the hobby with me and I love it especially when she comes with her own made packages and gives me cards as well lol it is so cute!

Aleah age 4 months- Not into the hobby YET! She loves to glance at my cards though so there is some sign there. I could always let her hold one of the cards but I would get it back full of drool since at the moment she is teething and bites and puts everything in her mouth! Lol
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