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Default My Garbage Pail Kids collection.

Surely you remember these, right?

This is a small portion of my collection. I have every set produced in the U.S. with most variants, including the rare bonus cards. This is just a glance at the stuff I have that's unique or interesting.

This is the final art, rough draft, and pencil sketch of Tailor Tyler, complete with the accompanying final cards.

My Flashback Series 1 sketches, all pulled myself. That was about $700 in packs... Crazy. Includes both right and left tongue variations on the Lynch Old Series 1 "Junkfood John", a Layron DeJarnette OS4 "Teddy Bear", and the cream of the crop, a Jeff Zapata full-colored sketch of OS3 "Ali Gator". I've been offered $1000 for the sketch, as colored sketches are hard to come by in the Flashbacks.

ANS4 Sketches. The two on bottom are by GPK godfather John Pound, the man responsible for 90% of the paintings you recall.

Luis Diaz sketch page. In my opinion, no one since Pound has done GPK better than Luis. Particularly love his original "Shut Up Sherwin" sketch on the peeled-away original card. Favorite piece is the ANS4 "Hollow Wayne" pumpkin on the postcard. Such detail! Check out the woman's reflection in the knife.

Other sketches from GPK artists. The one with the ice skate piercing the brain of the kid encased in ice is my personal concept, as drawn by the aforementioned Mr. Diaz. The Mega Man sketch below it is also his. David Gross, Kevin B., and Strephon Taylor round them out.

Original concept art from Mark Pingitore, GPK's current top artist.

Several proofs, including a killer B&W proof. Random card in that mix is a very rare Japanese Chrono Trigger trading card, my favorite video game ever.

A small assortment of gold-labeled Flashbacks, only 80 produced of each, including the ever-controversial unreleased "Stitched Stella", the B-side to "Interracial Rachel".

Some might consider this the holy grail. The Hebrew cards are nice, but the Bukimi Kun--the Japanese release of GPK--go for $600-1000 a piece, the most expensive item in the GPK library. A private collector found a book of the stickers that had been stuck to blank pages in a Japanese binder, so he cut them out and sold them at extremely discounted prices. They've been examined by experts and approved of as legitimate Bukimi Kun. The stickers themselves are mint, just stuck to paper and thus lost in value. To have but a small handful in my collection, however, is truly a feat.

Just a glimpse of my art, sketches, and rare cards. Hope you've enjoyed or learned something!
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