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I was watching all of those, interested to see what they'd go for. That card has been strong at $250+ for nearly a decade. I remember buying out a store on those boxes way back in about 2003 for 10 bucks each. Didn't hit an auto but people paid around $10 for just the base set itself at the time. But, anyway, you're right on scarcity. It's very rare that even one shows up for auction once or twice a year... let alone six at once! It got my attention but I passed on adding one. You got a great card, for sure. Since no company makes well designed/auto'd music cards, that's a gem to hang on to.
Will 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 be the year Panini finds Marvin Harrison & Marcus Allen to sign their NFL's Greatest Signatures cards?
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