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Originally Posted by Zoop View Post
I bought a retail gravity feed and that was it. The low ratios on sketches and lack of case hits burnt me on the product, so I'm strictly set building (hence the lack of FB2 and FB3 sketches... bought 2 cases of FB2, zero sketches. Inexcusable). If I can get locked in for $200 cases via the GPK Underground, I may take a swing at ANS8's case.
I like the Underground - however I only post when there is a release. It's hard to be on so many forums.

I think I was into my cases for around $205 DLVD. So the 2 plates paid for pretty much my entire break.

That is pretty brutal on FB2 break. I think I pulled 4 in my FB3 break. Odds are just stacked against you.

Do you have any GPK Cheap Toys?
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