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Noah - 8 (9 in two weeks) - obsessed with baseball and the hobby. For fun he reads huge tomes of baseball statistics and can answer just about any question the adults throw his way about baseball history. I help run a pickup game with him and some of his school friends on Sunday mornings.....about 30 or so 6-8 year olds. Its fun teaching them the game...even if they refuse to understand why running through 1st base is better than sliding. After the game this week I handed out a bunch Bowman 12 basecards. The ungrateful lil' jerks didn't want some prospect they never heard of and kept asking if I had any Rangers. I'll look through my collection of base and bring all Rangers this week.

Evan - 6 - Doesn't care for the game all that he is a RedSox fan although no one is quite sure why. Likes collecting cards, but only because Dad and Big Bro do it.

Gabby - 3 - Knows who Josh Hamilton is.......that's about the extent of it.

Naomi - 11 months - likes to chew on any cardboard that is laying around, which ends up being a very productive way of making my sons clean up their cards.
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