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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
I like the Underground - however I only post when there is a release. It's hard to be on so many forums.

I think I was into my cases for around $205 DLVD. So the 2 plates paid for pretty much my entire break.

That is pretty brutal on FB2 break. I think I pulled 4 in my FB3 break. Odds are just stacked against you.

Do you have any GPK Cheap Toys?
Only a flesh-colored Alice Island. I love tiny toys and I love GPKs, so you'd think it'd be a natural fit... I think the logistics of the hobby has startled me away from it. Sooooo many color variations, etc... It's a lot to learn for an outsider. It's sort of why I don't play Halo or Call of Duty; the learning curve is soooo fast and everybody else knows so much more than I do that it seems futile, haha.
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