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Originally Posted by UltimateDeron View Post
Trust me, most of them have not opened as much as me, and I highly doubt they have spent as much on singles as i have.
You might be right, but you don't know this to be fact. There are a lot of guys in this forum that spend a lot of money.

Originally Posted by UltimateDeron View Post
There isnt a Topps product in the history of Topps that could compete with this years Ultimate Collection.
This is a ridiculous and untrue statement.

Originally Posted by UltimateDeron View Post
Look at some of these singles....and remember they were pulled by somebody, including a few by myself

Three cards of players that you will NEVER find in a Topps product!
I have a better Pippen card and a better patch card of Lebron that came from an unlicensed product than those you just showed, and mine are worth more money. The odds of hitting them were way better too. In fact, by the case, the odds of pulling my two were one in 4.38 cases. How many cases on average would you have to open of UD in order to pull your cards?

Look, I'm only busting your balls here because it sounds as if your judging others without actually knowing what they have or haven't opened. You are making some bold statements that I either know to be untrue, or have a hard time believing you "know" them to be true. That's all.

You have some nice cards, and I thank you for sharing them.
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