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Originally Posted by Bigbadbloom View Post
Meh.....our group leader sent you three PM's, you have to at very least respond. When you say that we waited for other people through the 15th, but they responded to PM's. I understand it's a hobby for you, but others are really active and have to wait all month on your last second payment, it's not all about you, it's as simple as dropping a three word PM. Sorry man....
Just like i told our group leader. I only got 1 Pm from him and that was on the 13th of this month and I never said or wanted it to be all about me. But the rules are the rules no matter what. No one should be waiting all month, If my payment was first or last second it would have been in by the deadline set by the group. We all know that payments would be in by the 15th so can't we all be PATIENT and wait until the 15th?
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