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Originally Posted by Falcons_Fan View Post
I think we all can understand where you are coming from and that you don't get on very often to check things, because of other priorities, but I also think communication needs to be a two way street. The reason we wanted to get the case as soon as possible and bust it is because Lexus has to go out of town on Friday and will not be here for the weekend.

It sounds like he tried to PM you several different times, and I don't know how your account is setup, but when I get a PM, I get an email that I can check and at least see what the message was without having to get on Blowout. If you could have just responded back to one of those messages to let him know when you planned on paying this issue could have been avoided.

He may have changed things up a little bit from the previous months, by not waiting until the end of the day on the 15th, but there was a valid reason and he did try to contact you. Lexus is trying his best to adhere to the rules we setup from the beginning, while also trying to keep everyone in the group happy and that is tough. I think we all just need to be a little better with communicating to try to avoid any confusion in the future.
Didn't know he had to go out of town, And like i said before i agree with the communication issue.
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