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Originally Posted by mma138 View Post
are the foreign ones by topps ?
Yup, they are, though some exist that are not from Topps. Forget which... Italy, maybe. They mix in GPK images with awful potty art that just sucks.

Originally Posted by goldenegg1 View Post
I have a ton of GPK stuff that I need to eventually list. I have partial sets from the original release and I still have unopened wax packs from the 80's. Do you guys know of anywhere besides Ebay to unload a huge lot of GPK stuff?
If they are Series 1 or 9, I will buy them from you. Besides that, you can try the GPK Underground forum. That's where all of the experts and big-time collectors dwell. also works as a reference site. Good luck and again, please keep me in mind for Series 1 and 9. I can also give you an honest opinion on the value of what you have, if you'd like.
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