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So my daughter and I don't miss a chance to boo the Yankees and went to Seattle last year to watch the saturday and Sunday games. (We are RedSox fans, but flying from Nome, Alaska, is much easier going to Seattle) Her first ballgame ever and it was great. Sat in the front row in right field behind Ichiro. Cano hit a home run and the guy next to us caught the ball and dropped it, but we we on tv anyways. WoooooHoooo
During batting practice when the yanks were on the field we almost caught a ball A-Rod hit but it fell short....however Nick Swisher was out there and got the ball and looked up at Makayla and smiled and said this one is yours and tossed it up to her. Guess what....nick Swisher has two RedSox fans that are now Nick Swisher fans. My daughter says he is a geat guy, but just wears the wrong uniform. One note on Swisher..he got harrassed big time when in the outfield...but took it just fine and turned around during the game and would actually talk with the fans and joke around with them. It was great. About 5 college guys sitting a few rows behind us in Sunday's game really gave him grief and the next inning he hits a home run...Did not hear much from them after that...
Her first game goes 12 innings. The next day was a 1:10 start so we were a bit tired but got there early and took the ball to get it signed. Got autos from King Felix, Jamie Wright, Chris Ryan, Aaron Laffey. Not a lot of guys out there after a late night game like that. We got the ball, her cap and glove autographed. Watched a butt stomping the yanks gave the Mariners on Sunday but had a great weekend.....
Oh, We had 4 different people jump on the field from various sections. One guy ran butt naked from first to second before he got tackled and they put a towel on him. All the guys were walked out the exit right where we were sitting. The guy with the towel shook the towel off right before he got to the exit. Got the whole thing on video..don't know why...but that was crazy.

At the end of the year we had both girls with us for some Seahawks football and it was the first Pro Football game for both and we had a BLAST!!! We are hoping to make a few more baseball games this season and in the meantime the girls put a few dollars aside for some packs to get their big hits...Ichiro inserts. We have to shop on Ebay for wax since our local card shop is over 1,000 miles (1 1/2 flight)..Such is village life.

Looking for memorabilia from RedSox,Seahawks,49ers!!!
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