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Originally Posted by bigbaseballboy View Post
So there is a draft involved?
Yessir, at the end of the break. All slots will fill and get paid, then we'll random the list of participants. That result will be the draft order. We will then break the case open, I will list out the hits in the order as close to most to least valuable as possible, then the draft will commence.

We can't do a draft before the break, cause we aren't sure who the hits are going to be. There's one slot for each hit (3 per box x 12), 12 insert slots, and 12 of each base parallel slot (gold, silver, and bronze). That gets us to 84 total slots.

Originally Posted by dashcounter View Post
actually there is 42 hits a case, not 36. we might need to adjust the math a little bit. also, i might be blind but i can't see what we are doing with the base cards
There are 3 hits per box times 12 boxes, so 36 hits (autos and relics). If there are any hits left over after the break, we will random those to the group.
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