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Default Attention TheDivaHalleyCards you are the only seller I have an issue with on COMC

I have searched the Blowout threads, and I can see I am not the only one annoyed with your constant ridiculous offers on the same cards over and over and over again.
You offer 50% on the lowest card listed, I counter with 30% off my lowest price, and instead of just rejecting my fair offer, you counter me with the exact same 50% offer you offered 12 times before on the exact same card.

You are not breaking any rules, but what you are doing is annoying as heck.

I do not want to block all 50% offers, because sometimes I accept 50% offers when they are fair relative to the market, or quite often The user and I will negotiate and reach a fair deal.

TheDivaHalleyCards strategy seems to be relentlessly offer 50% in hopes of getting lucky or wearing people down. It is a approach that ruins an otherwise great COMC experience.

I doubt anything will come of this post, or that the Diva \ DivaHalley will even see it, but it felt good to get it off my chest.
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