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I have two little collectors. Fiori turned 7 recently and Zachary is 3. The both really enjoy opening packs with me. Any time I get a blaster, a box, or a few loose packs, I have to be sure to give them each something to bust.
Fiori really likes mini cards and I have been helping her build her collection little by little. She also likes cards featuring females and animals. She really likes A&G, which happens to be one of my personal favs, because she each box has so many cards that end up in her PC. She also likes the new Olympic cards because there are tons of females featured in the product. We've been lucky enough to pull some nice inserts featuring female Olympians so far. Some of our other favorites to collect together include UD Champs, the latest Parkhurst, and Goodwin since minis are among the many inserts found in those products. Like me, she's an Angels and Kings fan. I've been trying to make her a Packers and Broncos fan, but for some reason cheers for pretty much any team playing against my two favorites. Probably the coolest sports related experience for her so far has to be when Rickey Henderson signed a ball for her when he came through town as a member of the San Diego Surf Dawgs. I have the ball put away for her for when she gets a bit older.
Zachary is my Chrome buddy. He likes refractors best and we have a good time going through his collection and seeing what colors he has. He doesn't know any of the players yet, but hey it's a start, right? His biggest sport related moment so far is getting to meet Bailey the Kings mascot at a Staples store. He was much more into the giant stuffed animal than the two players who were signing that day.

And here are the kids and I at a Kings event that was held just down the street from us a couple of months ago.
Looking for A&G sized minis and Topps Olympic relics, pins, etc. for my daughter and refractors for my son
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