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The Diva was banned from these boards for Transgendered Trolling like we have never seen. Please post this great observation on COMC's Facebook Page. It seems like COMC has put some controls on the Diva selling on their site and have removed all of her horsesqueeze from Facebook.

Originally Posted by darin2200 View Post
I have searched the Blowout threads, and I can see I am not the only one annoyed with your constant ridiculous offers on the same cards over and over and over again.
You offer 50% on the lowest card listed, I counter with 30% off my lowest price, and instead of just rejecting my fair offer, you counter me with the exact same 50% offer you offered 12 times before on the exact same card.

You are not breaking any rules, but what you are doing is annoying as heck.

I do not want to block all 50% offers, because sometimes I accept 50% offers when they are fair relative to the market, or quite often The user and I will negotiate and reach a fair deal.

TheDivaHalleyCards strategy seems to be relentlessly offer 50% in hopes of getting lucky or wearing people down. It is a approach that ruins an otherwise great COMC experience.

I doubt anything will come of this post, or that the Diva \ DivaHalley will even see it, but it felt good to get it off my chest.
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