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Originally Posted by alexlazarevich View Post
This is exactly why I stopped using COMC. COMC needs to fix this problem, annoying buyers can drive one insane. COMC says I can just buy a premium account and auto block, etc. Yeah, sure, as if their fees aren't high enough...
I saw one of your other posts Alex about this, and what's interesting, is I have been selling for 10 months now, and I maintain about 2000 - 2500 cards and I have only had an issue with the he\she Diva Halley, I get very few other frivolous offers, perhaps things have gotten better since you quit?

They do have a $15 dollar a month plan that allows limits on offers, but I would have to have like 20,000 in book value before I would want to pay that and be worth it, I would like the Auto Accept Feature, but I don't want to limit others from offering 50% because more often than not we reach a deal. Except for he\she diva halley with whom I have never had a succesful deal.

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