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What I hope that comes out of this thread of Jeremy and Tim are getting wind of this, is that we will have the capacity to block a member if need be. If this many people are complaining about one user, then COMC has to do something about it. I think that is a necessary feature to have, and you can't do a blanket "only accepting offers of X amount", because I do accept offers many times from other people, and that is shutting them out.

Some people in this thread wrote about going back to ebay or quitting COMC altogether....and THAT is what should be the concern. If this idiot is making members think of leaving, then COMC either has to give us the ability to block a member, OR, get rid of this person. Maybe if all of us let them know what a nuisance he/she is, they can do something about it. One person shouldn't make an otherwise terrific experience, become something that isn't fun for people.

I just reject quickly now (I tried to let the offer sit there and tie up the money as someone else mentioned, but I can't stand seeing the name up there in my dashboard). That is easy enough to do. Do I have to do that a few times a day, yeah, and it is a a pain, but no biggie. The big problem is the fact that she/he alone could turn off customers, which I never thought about, until I saw some replies in this thread.

I want others who may be thinking or have left, not to let one person do that. 99.5% of the site does not do this. Do you get lowball offers, sure. Is it the same person sometimes, on the same card, sure. That comes with the territory, but at some point every person I have encountered (except one) gets it.
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