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Default 2012 Bowman Blue Wave redemptions - bonus!

Opened the first seven of the 13 Blue Wave redemption packs (sent in for 12, so I'll gladly take the bonus pack). Going to wait for my son to get out of school to do the other six packs.

The first seven:
- Matthew West red #/25
- Kyrell Hudson red #/25
- Harper
- Cole
- Bradley Jr.
- Bogaerts
- And the others: Hoilman, Ethier, Sanz, Perio, Simmons, Berti, Gac, Crabbe, Susac, Couch, Hudson, Joseph, Jacob Anderson, Campos, McInnis, Holmes, Edwar Cabrera, Marisnick, Brady, Corcino, Candelario, Howard, Simon, Mike Murray, Wise, Castellanos, Duvall, Maples, Richard.

These are some very nice looking cards. If my math is correct (I'm a writer, so numbers aren't always a strength), are there only around 380 base blue cards of each player? Please correct me if my numbers are off, but that's what I came up with off the idea of 50,000 total cards with blue autos and reds being numbered to 50 and 25, respectively.

Anyway, I'll post final six packs after the kid does his homework this afternoon.

As of right now, everything will be available on eBay tonight.
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