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Exclamation 2012-13 new monthly football group break

The Break Is At 10EST, Here is the link

Active!!! Please send $42.66 PayPal to in the message box put "break" thanks!
Order #172257
Here is the break down of the group;

* 16 members , 2 teams per member.
* $40 dues must be paid by the 2nd Sunday of each month (see price break
down below)
* Members names will be randomed each month my a mod for a snake draft, the
draft will take place in the forum after the random and must be completed by
The 3rd Sunday of each month.
* If the group would like to do a hit draft as well, the members will be randomed
* Any trades must be completed between members in the group and must be
Posted in the forum no later than 2 hours before the break. I will pm both
members to confirm the trade.
* The break will take place on the fourth Sunday of the month at 10pm est on
Ustream, I will post a link and scans of the cards in the thread after the break
* All cards will be shipped on the following Monday with DC, if you would like
Insurance on your card(s) pm me after the break

Who gets what card?

* If a card is of a player in college uniform or of a retired player, the player goes
to the team who drafted him
* if the card is not of a NFL player or the player was not drafted, then the card
will be randomed by a mod to the group
* cards with multiple players will go to the member who has 51% or more of the
Teams on the card, if no one has 51% or more of the teams then the card will
be randomed by a mod between the members who have a player on the card.

Price break down

* $40 a month total
* $1.46 pay pal fees (2.9% +.30)
* $3.14 USPS first class
* $0.85 delivery conformation
* $1.00 supplies ( top loaders, bubble mailers, etc)

So that leaves $536.80 a month for boxes ($40*16=$640, $6.45*16=$103.20, $640-$103.20=$536.80)


* If a card wins the best pull of the month the box will be broken between the
* If a member fails to pay by the deadline a back up will take his spot in the
group, the member will have the option to be placed at the bottom of the back
up list
If you have questions or suggestions please let me know thanks.

This will be our First Break:
2011 crown royal $74.95 *2 = $149.90
2011 Gold standard $125.95
2011 contenders $109.95
2011 Playbook $145.95

Total=$531.75, There will be $5.05 left over that will roll over to next month.

Members list
1.John7240 host ( not participating in break till cleared, since this is my first break here)
2.nauticamc2 PAID
3.jchrist1732 PAID
4.pdo138 PAID
5.cp3tookc PAID
6.ibleedbattlered PAID
7.thetintwiz1 PAID
8.kukawbubuh19 PAID
9.Reed PAID
10.Kefka891 PAID
11.Steelpen2 PAID
12.blevins26 PAID
13.TxMike PAID yoshi san PAID
15.nickfromcwe PAID
16.Pengages PAID

Back up list

Draft List
5.cp3tookc - LIONS
13.TxMike - PANTHERS
8.kukawbubuh19 - BENGALS yoshi san - 49ERS
6.ibleedbattlered - TITANS
11.Steelpen2 - STEELERS
15.nickfromcwe - PACKERS
9.Reed - COWBOYS
3.jchrist1732 - PATRIOTS
2.nauticam2 - VIKINGS
10.Kefka891 - SAINTS
4.pdo138 - RAVENS
12.blevins26 - FALCONS
7.thetintwiz1 - EAGLES
16.Pengages- JAGUARS
16.Pengages - BROWNS
7.thetintwiz1 - TEXANS
12.blevins26 - BRONCOS
4.pdo138 - GIANTS
10.Kefka891 - JETS
2.nauticam2 - RAIDERS
3.jchrist1732 - CHARGERS
15.nickfromcwe - CHEIFS
11.Steelpen2 - CARDINALS
6.ibleedbattlered - REDSKINS yoshi san - COLTS
8.kukawbubuh19 - BEARS
13.TxMike - BILLS
5.cp3tookc - RAMS

Paul /25
Helu /299
Ngata /25

Black /99
RPS Rookie Ticket #201 Marcell Dareus

Jurgenson /10
Super Bowl Ring Sig #2 Tom Brady /5
Doss /499
RPS Rookie Gold #252 Von Miller
Elway /99
Carter /299

Smith /299
Lloyd /50
Salas /100
White /50
Garrard /299
Thomas /100
Kaepernick /299
Signatures Gold #184 Ronald Johnson
Player Die Cut Prime Signature #11 Hakeem Nicks /5

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