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Default My baseball art collection

I was bored tonight so I decided to show off some of my collection of art baseballs that I've gotten signed.

I started this project several years ago basically getting random artists to draw different characters from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings on baseballs.

I then had the idea ... why not get celebs to sign these baseballs when they come to a show ... and that idea became the below collection

Everyone signed by the actor ...
Stan Lee by Gary Kezele
Captain Kirk by Jennifer Mercer signed by William Shatner
Spock by Lawrence Reynolds signed by Leonard Nimoy
Eliza Dushku by Gary Kezele
Summer Glau by Gary Kezele
SuperGirl by Gary Kezele signed by Laura Vandervoort
Commander Data by Lawrence Reynolds signed by Brent Spiner
Commander Rikerby Lawrence Reynolds signed by Jonathan Frakes
Lt Worf by Lawrence Reynolds signed by Michael Dorn

Val Kilmer by Gary Kezele
Darth Maul by Kevin Doyle signed by Ray Park
Chewbacca by Kyle Babbitt signed by Peter Mayhew
Darth Talon by Rhiannon Owens
Jabba by Tim Proctor
Slave Leia by Randy Martinez signed by Carrie Fisher
Trooper by Jamie Snell
Old Obi-Wan by Paul Allen Ballard
Young Obi-Wan by Bryan Morton (not official ball)
Anakin by Bryan Morton

Witch King by Michael Champion / Chris Summers
Gollum by Chris Fulton
Orc Leader by Gabriel Hernandez
Gimli by Richard Salvucci (Alfio1956)
Gandalf by Leah Mangue
Saruman by Chris Hoffman
Faramir by David Rabbitte
Aragorn by Brandon Kenney
Boromir by Ryan Arneson
Arwen by James O'Barr

If you want to see close up of each baseball, they are in the link below
ArtOnBaseballs pictures by rambel10 - Photobucket
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