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Originally Posted by garpike View Post
Yeah that would be COOL!

here is a list of the drivers:
Dan Runte
Rick Long
Ron Bachman
Rodney Tweedy
Nigel Morris
Alan Hartsock
Eric Meagher
Keith Sturgeon
Jerry Dalton
Brian Bertoletti
Amber Walker

A bunch of those cards signed and framed around an 8x10 of BIGFOOT would look MONSTEROUS! LOL!
I was working on the 1990 Classic monster truck set TTM a few years ago (now THAT took some sleuth work...there's no Meiselman address list for monster truck drivers!). Jim Kramer (probably the most notable former Bigfoot driver) can be had c/o Bigfoot, and I got Andy Brass (Bigfoot 8) and Donny Kessel (Bigfoot Fastrax) c/o home (don't remember the addresses at this point). Only Bigfoot-related one from the Classic set that I didn't get back was John Piant. I think at this point I'm 80-something out of 125 cards for the set.
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