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I've got 2 kids: my daughter, Vida, who is 4 and my son, Julian, who is 17 months. A couple of cute stories...

The day I found my favorite LCS I had my daughter with me. She reminded the shop owner of his grand daughter that he gave her a bunch of packs of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" cards. Then, when we got to the car she realized she forgot to tell him "Thank You". So she runs back inside and says "thank you!". He just about melted right there and gave her a few more packs!

I celebrated my birthday this month, too, and had her on my lap when I blew out the candles. She told me to make a wish, and I asked her "What should I wish for?". Her answer was "I don't know....maybe some football cards." (which I kind of did...)

I will get her some Yo Gabba Gabba cards every now and then. I'm really hoping to turn my son into the hobby too. Hopefully, they'll back me up when I tell my wife that we need to make a trip to the LCS!
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