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And now, for the other half of successes!

Vincent Lecavalier (c/o Team) -- Sent 11/22/11; Received 4/30/12 (160 days); 1/1

He's always been one of my favorite non-Devils.

Thanks, Mr. Lecavalier!

Jonathan Toews (c/o Team) -- Sent 12/30/11; Received 5/3/12 (125 days); 1/1

Thanks, Mr. Toews!

Deron Williams (c/o Team) -- Sent 3/15/12; Received 5/4/12 (50 days); 1/1

Thanks, Mr. Williams!

Dustin Brown (c/o Team) -- Sent 12/30/11; Received 5/11/12 (133 days); 1/1

Having one heck of a postseason! He's also from Ithaca, NY. I went to Ithaca College, so it was really cool to see it come back signed.

Thanks, Mr. Brown!

Steve Young (c/o Foundation) -- Sent 5/18/11; Received 5/19/12 (368 days); 1/1

It was awesome to open the envelope and see this!

Thanks, Mr. Young!

Jamie Langenbrunner (c/o Team) -- Sent 1/19/12; Received 5/21/12 (123 days); 1/1

The former NJ captain!

Thanks, Mr. Langenbrunner!

Thanks for looking everyone!
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