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Since the Srt42004n threads have been deleted I wanted to repost my thoughts on how you should never be able to lose anyone's information for shipping/returns/etc on here:

1. Have your PM box expanded to 1000 messages - I'm not tell you how, there are plenty of other threads on the subject you can find

2. when you clean your PM box, download to CSV or TXT Files and save somewhere or print out before you delete anything

3. you should be receiving emails for every PM you receive. If not, set up your profile to link your email to your PMs (which includes the PM in full on replies as long as the other party doesn't delete all the info before sending) Also I get emails on all the threads I am subscribed to as long as they don't get deleted. Blowout has a great user interface, try playing around with your profile and settings.

4. Using these 3 methods, there is NO WAY YOU CAN FORGET OR LOSE SOMEONES DEAL
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