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Sent a PM with full details

Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
TigerBloood has been banned based on the multiple claims made (although much more effective is one this goes in the Member section - and 2 I'm contacted). If you guys had deals with him please let me know the details (cards you were getting cards/payment he was getting - everything - email address or mailing address used, player/brand/year/serial number etc). With the serial numbers should be pretty easy to figure this out one. This way we can see who is where. If this ends up being a huge misunderstanding we can undo whats been done.

Please file your payment claims and if needed USPS Postal Claim for mail fraud. Might also be worth someone trying to contact not only your local police to submit a report, and then making sure that copy gets send to his local police department and everyone contact the same officer to get this user shut down completely.
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