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Originally Posted by Igman7 View Post
I would imagine that he would put them with the season 2 set where they belong. They were not issued in season 1 and should not be considered part of that set.
Why would they belong with the Season Two set? Just because they were inserted into that release? It was the fault of the signer and not Cryptozoic that they are going to be inserted in Season Two. The A3 & A4 autograph cards will have a completely different look than those of Season Two I am assuming so they would look out of place. Everyone's Season One set is incomplete without those two cards.

Originally Posted by The Madbacker View Post
I wonder if Season 2 is going to become a "living set". That means that the Autographs and Wardrobe cards will pick up with card #19 and on instead of another #1.

Great display, just missing 1 little card.
Which card is that? Rick's Patch /16?

Also, mf1971999, what was the logic of ordering the cards in the way you did in the display? It looks great but just was wondering. Thanks.

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