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I'm not sure if this contest is over.. but I have a pretty good "story"...

She isn't my daughter.. but I have been the defacto parent to my 12 year old sister for most of her life. She was born to my aunt (who has difficulties) so my family adopted her at 5 weeks old...

At that time my mother took ill (chron's disease which has gotten worse over time) and my father began having strokes around 2001 (he's had 7 he's admitted to). Today she is 12 .. with a mother who can barely eat, a father who can barely move... and me.. a 26 year old defacto parent.

Her name is Taylor and is a huge sports fan (although not a big card collector) she's obsessed with the Dolphins and Marlins.. but really goes nuts for the Miami Heat. This is partly my fault lol.. but she can name every member of the heat dating back to 2006 and still does the PA calls whenever a Heat player scores (IE "CAAAAARRRRRISSSS BOSSSSSHHHHH"). Her bedroom walls are covered in pictures of Heat and Dolphins players.. and after going to a recent Marlins game at the new stadium, she literally taped a souvenir ice cream bowl (that looks like a helmet) to her bedroom door lol.

Cool promotion.. and never really talk about her much as I do this personally for business and to pay for school... but I thought id share the story.
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