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I forgot to add one thing, which IMO is the most important factor. In order to be successful you can't collect AND make a living. I would want to keep too many items for the PC which would mean I don't sell and couldn't make a living. In order to make a go at this you'd have to be willing to sell everything and keep nothing. Personally, I'm too much of a collector to make a living selling.

I asked my LCS owner this once and he said it's not possible (at least for him). He has to be 100% committed to selling everything and not collecting himself. It's like how you can't be a "little bit of an alcoholic". The temptation to keep and collect cards would hurt profit too much.
Always looking for Kirby Puckett relics, game used, patches, inserts, refractors & parallels. Also looking for BGS 9.5 RCs from 1981-current.
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