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Originally Posted by solt0131 View Post
It's not hard at all, you travel to shows, you buy smart, you buy big, you don't rip unless it's a product that you have made money on before and know you'll make money on again. You take no chances and you put all your effort into it like you would any full time job. The reason people fail at this is they have no boss staring over their shoulder to keep them rolling all the time. They get distracted at home and lose focus.
Perfectly stated. This hobby is a form of gambling for many so it's easy to say that there is no money in cards when you are the one who is "gambling" and losing on eBay.

The guys who do it full time treat their business like it's a Fortune 500 company and run it as efficiently as they can with tons of discipline. The guy I do shows for is a full time card dealer and he has not ripped a single pack of cards in the two years I've known him. He is disciplined and only strikes when the deal is good. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff he gets and the prices he gets them at.

I think this hobby can be very profitable...but it probably takes the type pf person who would rather sell than collect and rather buy singles than wax (even though a few very successful case breakers do quite well on the wax. It's not nearly as consistent as buying and selling singles).

I love ripping cases, but I'll be the first to admit the gambler in me has hurt at times. I'll do well on something like Series 2 and then go "gamble" the profits on Triple Threads. I've cut most of that out but I can easily see where someone could lose focus.
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