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I was laid off about 3 years ago and went full time on ebay to pay the bills. Or should I say attempt to pay the bills. IMO, there's only 3 ways to make big money on Ebay:

1) You have to sell more than cards.

2) Have a MASSIVE amount of stuff to sell that you picked up for next to nothing, sell it for a ton and have an insane amount of time to manage it all.

3) Get REAL lucky.

I'm by no means saying its impossible to make a big paycheck on the Bay, but you certainly need 2 of the 3 things I mentioned to happen to make it work.
Paying finders fee for 2013 Bowman Joseph Monge White Ice 1/1, Mini Super 1/1 and printing plates. Looking for Sid Monge PSA 10's
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