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I just received a reply to my e-mail.. this guy just doesn't quit haha....

Hey Jeremy,
I did get your claims, the about 75% of the packages are at my house now as they have all been issued with the stamp "return to sender" from the sort center.
I have decided to issue refunds and send back all packages that i received in trades. It was just a horrible time for the post office to mess up my packages as I was selling/trading all my cards in order to only get PC cards and get extra money. But now i have decided it will be better to sell everything off on ebay and issue refunds to respective parties. I would appreciate it if you don't post this on blowout until I contact each buyer personally.
Expect your refund soon! sorry about the mix up and having the money on hold for a long time. I am relieved that I have at least received most of my packages back in the mail.

P.S. I also don't know how people sleep at night if they were to do this, i was losing sleep from the fact that people thought i would do such a thing.
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