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Why waste my breath? (or hand engergy haha)... I have shipped over 20,000 packages before.. I'm not an idiot. To send with tracking the package has to be metered.. there is no way the package would be returned to him as postage due. He knows that.. I know that.. most people here know that.. he was just full of crap lol

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I'd of immedatly requested a clear scan of the package with the return to sender stamp. This should show your address, the date he shipped it (postage mark or printed label), plus likely a few handlling marks (typically the belt marks), plus as stated it should clearly show that return to sender stamp. In this case about time all of those things show up I'd be willing to call it a big misunderstanding type issue. But lots of factors given he hasnt responded to anyone else's claims.

I'm not aware of anyone contacting the police on this as of yet (shame). If you do post that info so everyone else can contact the same person in his local area.
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