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Default Case Break - Sportkings Series E - 16 Box

Case from blowout. Very fun time - excellent patches and unique autos. Only complaint would be the collation on the base. I shouldn't end up with 14% of the base as doubles and therefore missing 25% of the base set.

Isiah Thomas
Steve Mizerak
Steve Cauthen
Kyle Petty
Sasha Cohen
Martina Navratilova
Superstar Billy Graham

Premium Backs
I'll be attempting to complete two sets.

Isiah Thomas gu jersey
Ken Griffey Jr gu jersey
Rickey Henderson gu jersey
David Robinson/Bill Walton dual gu jersey
Cal Ripken Jr/David Robinson/Annika Sorenstam/Steve Yzerman quad gu jersey

Guy LaFleur gu patch
Paul Molitor gu patch

Sammy Lee
Dick Vitale
Sasha Cohen gold

Roberto Alomar
Dean Karnazes
Isiah Thomas gold patch
Rod Carew patch
Bjorn Borg gold patch

Case Hit
Tony Oliva painting by Jared Kelly

Its gorgeous, but I'd rather have gotten someone else just from a keeping it in my PC standpoint. Now I'll probably sell to take a shot at another one.
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