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Originally Posted by cking View Post
I believe the paypal fee's at this price is around $15-20 right? What If I sent $300 as paypal direct now.. and the balance as gift when the items arrive? You have a lot of feedback on here.. but I just got burnt on a bryce harper deal.. I have over 14000 feedbacks on eBay if you need to reference me.

Did anyone else here see this? Maybe this turned him off. All the nonsense that goes on in this site and you ask this of one of the best members on here?
He had just requested I send him $620 via paypal gift!!! I am the person who exposed tigerblood on here.. I was almost scammed by him for almost the literal same amount.. I should put myself in that situation again?!

WOULD YOU SEND $620 via paypal gift?!?!?!?
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