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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
You clearly didnt match any of his prices. You kept coming in low. He said $650. Why didnt you take it at $650? The only question im asking here.

What you are saying is you wanted it come in at $620 but if you knew someone else was going to buy it at $650, you would have paid $650? Come on now.
because I had only entially wanted 4 cards.. I was offering him 250 on 2 of them the other night.. and offered him 450 on them tonight (the 4)...

When I saw that he only wanted a few hundred more for the remaining cards I said "why the hell not" in my head.. and shot him an offer on the rest of the lot (this can be seen in the posted PM's)... I was offering on cards I didn't even want.. doing what I thought was a favor to the seller (moving all instead of some).. it turned into this.

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