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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
You should have just ponied it up right from the beginning. To me it honestly looks like wants $650. You offer him lower. Then he tries and makes it work by offering you shipping. You then come in lower again. He tells you the least he can do. You then bring up an option of paying half. That seriously would frustrate me enough not to make the deal. I think he conceded the first 2 times and the last time probably hit the hammer on the head and didnt want to sell it to you .
I wasn't offering to pay just half lol (did you read the full sentence?).. I was trying to limit his paypal fee's (which was the $15 issue FYI) while limiting my exposure at the same time..

If he had responded to that with "I can't do that.. it really is 640 (or 650) or 620 paypal gift".. I WOULD HAVE DONE IT LOL

I was trying to give him what he wanted while getting what I wanted that the same time.. I wasn't trying to get over on the guy.. I was already buying things I didn't want so he didn't get stuck with them.
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