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Default Lexus2903 JUNE Football GB

JUNE Break: 2011 Panini Gridiron Gear Football Hobby 16 Box Case
We are locked in and our Order # 169654

Please send $45 payment via paypal to

Only Hits/Inserts/Numbered Cards will be shipped.
Payment includes price for case/PP fees and Shipping costs.
Do NOT mention group break of any kind just put your Blowout Id in the Subject. Any questions guys feel free to PM me. Good Luck Everyone!!!

Payments are due by the 15th of the month please pay accordingly. This is a RANDOM by a MOD to see where each person DRAFTS and then the DRAFT begins. Slot 29 gets last pick, with the remaing 3 teams not drafted any and all hits get randomed between members receiving no hits(or can be drafted if agreed upon like last break). If a card has a player(s) from different teams it is then randomed between those teams.

So far this has been a cool group to bust wax with, let's keep it going with little drama as possible. Be kind and respectful to others and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!

1. Collectivetoys - covered
2. fishtaco02
3. callieanne10
4. skipfreely
5. jlcherry2477
6. gator993
7. sportsamerica
8. Ibleedbattlered
9. Purple Hays
10. Inaminshall
11. Bigbadbloom
12. tthomas
13. mjkrites
14. Joesty1
15. whackspacks
16. addicted36
17. Pico04
18. chittychitty844
19. mustanjj909
20. chittychitty844
21. lexus2903
22. rconde
23. Kodiak10
24. popmaz
25. lilkeithw
26. allingamer
27. fsu9988
28. mintyfrisk
29. falcons_fan


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