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Originally Posted by Swivelhip View Post
Would last an extra week into July with 12 boxes so we wouldn't have to spend as much then
I don't mind, but I am trying to stay around $100 per person with weekly prizes worth about $50-$60 ish. This would be $75. That's not too bad, but I am not sure these are as cool as the baseballs. I mean we have pulled Ted Williams, Bryce Harper, and Bubba Starling with the worst being guys like Julio Teheran (not too bad).

I don't know if everyone is going to want to pay the extra $$.

Tier One is $1040 and this is $900. That would be $107ish before shipping and paypal fees.

We do have about $80 each club though from base sales...

IDK, I guess we could do it.
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